The Right Call

John Venables has been sent back to prison, and the BBC are reporting that Jack Straw has refused to give any details. I believe that this is the right call.

Whatever Venables is accused of, he is not accused of the murder he was convicted of in 1993. He deserves a fair trial, and there are wider implications too. Were it to become known that the man in the dock were John Venables there would be no way that an impartial jury could be found, and the last thing we need is another attack on Trial By Jury.


2 responses to “The Right Call

  1. Is he going to get a trial? As a lifer on licence does he actually have a legal right to one? Or is this special hearing that’s coming up all the legal i crossing and t dotting needed? Not that I’m saying that’s a necessarily a good thing – just wondering if it’s an option for them.

  2. They probably don’t need a trial to bang him back up, but then they didn’t really need to let him out in the first place. That said, if a new crime has been committed then there should be a trial. As far as I know people who commit crimes while still inside still get tried for them.

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