The Big Pharma Electrofag?

Leg-Iron was musing recently about the attempts to ban the electrofag, and I think he surmised (although I might have read it somewhere else, to be honest) that a big-pharma-version might be around the corner. Perhaps it’s this?

Duke’s new technology employs a unique method to deliver nicotine to the lungs. In their presentation, the researchers show the new lung delivery technology results in rapid absorption of nicotine that provides immediate relief of withdrawal symptoms and also re-creates some of the familiar sensations that are pleasurable to smokers.



One response to “The Big Pharma Electrofag?

  1. Looks very much like it.

    It’s a Big Pharma Electrofag, it has a different carrier for the nicotine vapour but it’s likely to look just the same.

    That’s why they have to eliminate the competition.

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