Not Dangerous…

A colleague of mine returned from annual leave today, visibly upset when I asked her if she’d had a nice holiday. It transpired that her 11-year old daughter and niece had been walking their puppy when a larger dog attacked and killed it in front of them. Awful.

They’ve reported the incident to the police, but they’ve been told that nothing can be done because the dog does not count as a dangerous dog under the Dangerous Dogs Act. Apparently it just “doesn’t like small dogs.” So that’s alright then(!)

As I’ve opined before the Dangerous Dogs Act is actually counterproductive legislation, as this tragic case shows. People who are poor dog owners, who wind their dogs up or fail to train them and keep their animals under control in public are fine, so long as their animals are not classed as ‘dangerous’ while even the Dog Whisperer himself isn’t allowed to own ‘dangerous’ breeds no matter how well trained.

Still, I expect some more legislation will solve all this, right?


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