Reasonable Expectations

I had to travel for another pointless Regional Meeting today, and (thanks in part to the awful aforementioned National Rail mobile site) I had the dubious pleasure of travelling by Southeastern’s new high speed service. You have to buy a first-class ticket (the cash office is going to hate that when I claim it back) but the trains are the same, not roomier or anything. The only thing that sets them out comfort wise is that they don’t smell of shit like the normal Southeastern carriages.

Now, high speed it is. My GPS clocked speeds in excess of 180mph on the Ebbsfleet to Ashford section of my journey, although speeds were much slower on the parts it shared with the Victoria line. What it wasn’t though, was On Time.

My first train was delayed by around half an hour, which caused me to miss my second. I caught the next service, which was also delayed by around ten minutes. When I changed platforms at Ebbsfleet a middle aged woman was arguing with the guard: “You call this a high speed service? This is ridiculous!”

I would have loved to have stayed and argued with her, but my desire for a cigarette put a stop to that. “It IS high speed madam They never said anything about punctual, merely that it goes fast!”

Pedantic little sod, aren’t I?


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