Rich People Have More Money Than Poor People Shock

The “chasm” between the richest and the poorest is wider than it was 40 years ago, apparently. There has been a hand-wringing segment on the Breakfast programme this morning to that effect citing a report from something called the “National Equality Panel”. Of course, someone from the National British Socialist Worker’s Party had to pronounce on this, so who better than the “Equalities Minister” The Right Awful Harriet Harman?

“But for the sake of the right of every individual to reach their full potential, for the sake of a strong and meritocratic economy and to achieve a peaceful and cohesive society, that is the challenge that must be met,” she added.

(Emphasis mine)

I hope nobody misses the contradiction here (I doubt anyone who reads this blog will). A meritocratic society by it’s very definition cannot be equal. Those with more merit will earn more than those with less, that’s the way it works. The very existence of a state-backed “Equality Panel” shows that what we have today is far from a meritocracy. The system as it currently stands penalises the successful by stealing, Robin-Hood style, an ever-bigger slice of the fruits of the labour of the successful and re-distributing it (minus a hefty sum for the privilege) to the less-successful. Where’s the incentive?

What we have today is far from “equal” either, despite decades of interference from communists like Harman and her buddies on the Equality Panel. Not that I am saying this is A Bad Thing, mind. Just that it’s a Double Fail for the reds.

The poor are getting richer (think about it), and the rich are getting richer too. The rich are just getting richer at a faster rate. We used to have a word for that… Now, what was it again? Ah yes.



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