…not many women fancy it?

I’m talking about the segment I just saw on BBC Breakfast regarding Network Rail’s insistence that “not enough women apply for jobs with them.” Apparently only 2% of applicants for their apprenticeship scheme for trackside engineers have been women and they are determined to get this figure up and shake off their “old-fashioned” image.

Why? I’m sure there can’t be that many women sitting at home -no doubt sowing and putting doilies everywhere- thinking “Oh gosh. I would simply love to be a railway engineer, but I just know those old fuddy-duddies at Network Rail would have a blue fit if a lady applied!”

Doesn’t it seem far more likely that it’s a job that just doesn’t appeal to many women? And why does it matter away? So long as Network Rail get capable employees to do the work, surely it doesn’t matter what they keep between their legs. It wasn’t mentioned in the segment, but I think I can smell a quota here…


2 responses to “Maybe…

  1. Speaking as an employer .. .. ..

    If the proportion of female staff working for me drops below a certain level then the number of applications from females dries up completely. I’m of the opinion that women are more likely to apply to a workplace where there are already women working rather than one that has only men working. I have to actively recruit female staff to make sure that other females will apply to fill vacancies in the future.

    Network Rail couldn’t possibly go on national TV and say the same thing, even if it is true for them too, because the gender police would accuse them of all manner of breaches of political correctness.

    Sadly it does seem to matter what people are packing in their undies but it’s not always the employers who are to blame.

  2. Dude, I’d love to work for Network Rail. Standing in the fresh air, drinking tea all day, occasionally handing a tool to a dude who knows what he’s doing – it’d be fantastic as long as I didn’t have to clean up any of the people who jump in front of the trains.

    Alternately, I’d want to be station manager for Reading station. I’m sure I could do a better job than the numpty in charge of it now.

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