Defends On Your Definition Of ‘Reasonable’

I saw the story of Munir Hussein on the news last night, and at first of course I was shouting at the television. That was before I heard the whole story. I wholly support Mr. Hussein’s right to throw the fruit of his labours -in this case a coffee table- at an intruder in his home. In fact, I’d support Mr. Hussein’s right to shoot him on the spot, were he permitted to keep an assault rifle indoors.

However, I cannot support him in chasing the intruder down the road and beating him further. After the intruder has been beaten off and is fleeing, it doesn’t sound reasonable to me to head off in pursuit, unless you plan to apprehend the assailant (without a view to giving him brain damage). Naturally, were I in that situation I may well have acted the same way. Mr. Hussein, once the fear started wearing off probably had a huge wave of anger and outrage and I’m sure wasn’t acting rationally. Broadly, I think justice has been done in this case. The householders went too far but there where severe extenuating circustances so a light sentence was in order. It’s just a pity that it wasn’t in order at the original trial.

My hat also goes off to Mr. Hussein’s Barrister who remarked that the intruder seemed to have ‘recovered enough from his brain damage to resume his criminal career.’


One response to “Defends On Your Definition Of ‘Reasonable’

  1. Yeah, that was my position at the time. Sympathy for the guy and none for the burglar, but ultimately the law is not unreasonable on the matter – regardless of how the Mail paints it.

    See also: Tony Martin.
    Protecting your home and family = fine.
    Chasing an intruder down and shooting him in the back after previously boasting in the pub of your intention to ‘shoot a gippo’ = definitely pushing it.

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