Packed Lunch “Danger”

A normal packed lunch, or at least it was when I was at school. Sandwiches, chocolate bar, can of coke and a packet of crisps. I ate the same almost throughout my school career and I didn’t put weight on until the last two years, when the dying days of puberty conspired with having to stay indoors at lunch to make me pile on the pounds. Previously I -like most kids- spent lunchtime running around playing football or bulldog and burning off calories. Once I left school and started work the weight fell off again.

The sub header of The Sun’s story wraps it up nicely, I think:

“Just one per cent of primary kid’s lunches meet nutritional standards set for school dinners, a study has revealed.

It’s control again. They currently can’t control what the kids bring in with them, and they hate it. The kids don’t like what Jamie thinks they should like so they bring their own. A packet of crisps and a chocolate bar never made any kid fat, provided they are outside at lunch playing the sorts of games kids play they’ll burn all those calories off anyway. It worked for decades so why wouldn’t it now? I can’t imagine, unless we are spontaneously evolving into fat bastards or something… Further down the page is another gem:

“The new study could lead to nationwide box content checks at schools.”

So now they get the little children all trained to be used to getting searched every day for “restricted foods.” What brave new world is this also getting them ready for, I wonder?


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