Via The Salted Slug comes more evidence of the Shruggery of Atlas. The gentleman concerned (and where there is one we can safely assume there are more) has had enough with all the difficulties and obstacles government’s put in his way and will not be running his own business again, and is presumably off to work for somebody else.
I don’t think he’ll be much happier there though, unless he’s really lucky. On his blog, Dilbert creator Scott Adams put forward the theory that bad management in large companies are a driver for entrepreneurs, as the capable employees in the company, fed up of reporting to (and being overruled by) morons throw their hands up in the air and go off and start their own businesses, which they can run properly and without endless efficiency-destroying ‘initiatives’ and so on. As we are so often reminded, half the villains in Atlas Shrugged were businessmen.

With these two powerful demotivations acting in opposite directions, there are very few options available to those capable of wealth creation in society. One is, as Salty says, Galt’s Gulch, if it existed and if they’d let you in. Staying as or becoming an employee is hard work too, as I can tell you from personal experience. Unless you’re lucky, you’ll end up surrounded by bovine looters, and having a (commendable) attitude of wanting to do your work in a timely and efficient manner ultimately leads to more heartache. In the end, you end up shrugging there too, and becoming as that which you despise.

It really is starting to feel like we’re living out the final chapters of Ayn Rand’s nightmare vision (witness the government’s ham-fisted salt redistribution), and it ain’t gonna be pretty as it plays out.

Who is John Galt?


4 responses to “Indeed

  1. …is presumably off to work for somebody else.

    Possibly, but if he was a very successful entrepreneur and got a good lump sum for selling up he might be just kicking back and living off the interest. If so fair play to him – it’s probably as close to Galt’s Gulch as you can get. Who knows, maybe he’s gone so far as to have bought up land where fellow strikers can join him in the future. I doubt it, but it’s interesting that the phrase used was ‘on strike’, isn’t it?

  2. Do you know what? I really, really hope he has.
    Maybe I’ll get an invite, I’d rather shovel snow for John Galt than think for people who are paid to think…

  3. Yeah, but I hope he comes up with a better name than Galt’s Gulch. To me it’s always sounded like it’d be synonymous with Galt’s Arse Crevice. I have no problem with man love or those who are into it, but a name that sounds like a brickie’s bum crack doesn’t appeal to me any more than if they renamed my road after parts of Mrs Exile’s that I am partial to. 🙂

  4. And, who did all this to us, to our beloved country? He grew the federal government under the excuse of the myth of the Constitution’s “implied powers.” He encouraged a federalized banking system that causes boom-and-bust cycles, while generating a massive national debt and increasing taxation. He increased the power of federal courts in order to replace individual freedom with community interests. He did everything he could to eliminate state’s rights and the rights of citizens. He lined the pockets of the wealthy, creating a government system dependent on graft, spoils to special interests, and patronage. State governments expected shares of federal monies as pork barrel spending. You think it is Obama? Think again. It was Alexander Hamilton. He caused a “Tea Party” revolution that resulted in the 1800 election of a libertarian for president, Thomas Jefferson. From him the Democratic Party was ultimately formed as a Libertarian Party, until the 20th century Democrats switched to Rousseau and Marx, as cited in THE CHANGING FACE OF DEMOCRATS on

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