Global Warming My Arse #2 (part deux) (Updated)

Well, it’s snowing all right but nothing like as bad as the Met Office said. Either it’s missing us entirely, or they got it wrong. Or there’s more to come. It doesn’t seem too cold outside, but that could be something to do with the gin, or the vodka, or even the ‘tropical’ fruit drink I’m mixing them with, although that doesn’t sound as likely.
It’s been snowing for couple of hours and its only about 15mm deep, so it’s not been snowing heavily. It’s weird going out at this time of night in the snow, everything is so, so quiet, and you can actually hear the snow hitting the ground. It might be worse in the morning…
Update: 16:43 06/01/2010
This after half an hour… (The bottom 5 pictures. Damn and blast, wordpress puzzles me now. If anybody knows how to split it into two galleries please let me know in the comments!) I’ve never in my lifetime known it to snow seriously two times in one winter. Not in this part of Kent anyway…

Update 2: 18:35
Total and utter gridlock. Nothing is moving. I think the roads have been gritted, I’m getting reports from Strood that the roads are clear, but in Chatham at least nothing is going anywhere.

Update 3: 19:25
Traffic’s cleared. Just walked to Tesco’s (for sambucca and tobacco, not cat litter, salt or canned goods), and surprisingly it was a graveyard. I was expecting thousands of crazy-eyed wastrels manically buying cat litter, salt and canned goods but no! I think they’re all in their cars still…

Update 4: 21:42
Heh. I ran out of salt before i finished the last line though. Bugger.


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