Tesco Board Of Directors Read Wh00ps Shocker

Well, they probably don’t, to be honest.
However, it seems only the other day that I wrote “No need for a £5000 fine! No need for an inspector!” (can that really have been a whole decade ago?) on the subject of trading standards and pricing legislation, but it seems Tesco have taken it to heart:

Pity it all kinda hinged on us living in some future libertarian Britain. As far as I’m aware, you can still demand the price displayed when you get to the till, and Trading Standards can still levy Tesco a £5000 fine for each incorrect label, unless there is some sort of grace period following the VAT increase. I somehow doubt it given the grasping nature of our overlords, but it is possible.

Update: Apparently they do! Many thanks to the commenter.


5 responses to “Tesco Board Of Directors Read Wh00ps Shocker

  1. From HMRC website:

    “Price Marking Order 2004
    Traders are required to display clearly their prices inclusive of VAT. For a period up to 14 days, they are permitted under the Price Marking Order 2004 (SI 2004/102) to let consumers know, by way of a general notice, that an adjustment in price, to take account of the VAT change, will be made at the till.”

    The Order was amended in December to give 28 days for price changes.

  2. Ahh so there IS a grace period. I guess the legal department at my employer (a different large retail company) are a bit thick then, as they were getting staff going hammer-and-tongs to update all the prices. Heh.

  3. You cannot demand the price displayed, a shop does not have to sell goods at the price displayed on the shelf edge, they can just refuse the sale, Trading Standards can take enforcement action if a shop delibrately or continuously puts the wrong price on the shelf edge.

  4. Well of course, the retailer can just refuse to serve you altogether. It’s private property after all and they can require you to leave, but turning customers away isn’t really a way to grow your business is it?

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