How Embarrassing

Mr. Exile, you’ll be over there —->
just as soon as I can get in front of a proper computer. (Update: All Done) I’m on his whatsit and I didn’t even have him on my regular blogroll. Sorry mate.

Still, onto other matters. I winged my way over there to see where the traffic came from, and what should I see but this post regarding matters warming. It really hits the nail on the head as far as I’m concerned. The reason, the Real Reason I don’t accept Global Warming, man-made or otherwise, is purely anecdotal. The science is not settled for definite, but I’m no scientist. The CRU emails are damning and the code maybe more so, but I’m no coder and in any case I was convinced long before that. The language and tactics coming out of the Climate Scientologist lobby (I saw that on Samizdata today- love it!) led me to smell a rat long ago but that’s not the reason.

No, the reason I don’t believe is that from my own experience it is colder every year.
I work outside most of the time, and three or four years ago I was quite comfortable working in a short-sleeved body warmer even in the depths of winter. I preferred it, in fact as I find sleeves get in the way when I’m working. Last winter I had to wear a coat about half the time, and this year it’s been nearly every day. I well remember being outside doing a conga line up and down the street on new years eve 1999/2000 in a t-shirt and not feeling cold in the least. This year I was out in a thick winter coat (with snow falling!) and was so cold I just wanted to curl up into a little ball and go to sleep.
Summers too, far from getting hotter and drier every year, have actually got wetter and cooler. Remember that “hottest day on record” five or six years ago? It nearly reached 40C (sorry, farenheit fans I’ve no idea what that is in the old money) and we were all assured that that was a glimpse of the future. It WAS hot that summer, I actually had heat exhaustion one day that summer, although not that day. It’s never really got that hot again though, not even close. In fact, since then every summer seems to have been a little cooler and a little chillier.

None of this proves anything, of course. Especially comparing new years eves as the temperature changes every day, but as far as I’m concerned I am experiencing a trend of colder conditions every year for the past five or six years, with it warming before that.

It’s probably a natural cycle of some sort.


5 responses to “How Embarrassing

  1. There’s no money in “natural cycles”.

    Terrify the world population though, and the wankers we elected throw money around like confetti.

    Man Made Global Warming is a fact. It has to be. Too many mortgages depend on it being true.


  2. Bugger… don’t know how I did that! It was ‘Met Office weather Failcast’

    Should be all fixed now 😉

  3. Aha, now I see what I did. I got as far as typing ‘HREF=””‘ with the intention of copying the url in later, then forgot. Boy, is my face red!

  4. Red face? Incandescent? Very bad. You need to immediately stop using your old incandescent red face and switch to compact fluorescent type that take ten minutes to go a dull orange. That’s what the woman offering to eco-audits told me a few weeks back when she knocked on the door, although she didn’t use them herself. Don’t work with dimmer bitches or something, but I wasn’t really paying attention.

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