Waterloo Road

I don’t know if you watch the series Waterloo Road, but if you don’t then I’ll provide a quick recap. It’s a series on primary propaganda organisation the BBC about a comprehensive school populated by liberal lefty-type teachers and ‘troubled’ (ie normal) teenagers.
In the last series, the school was merged with another school, with a selection of new pupils and teachers. It’s quite similar to that series of Grange Hill, actually. In any case, one of the new teachers (played by that chap who used to be in tea-time hospital programming show Holby City ) is a strict disciplinarian, just the sort of teacher children so badly need these days, to teach them self-discipline and boundaries and that sort of thing. I knew he wouldn’t last!

It started off with him being strict with the children, starting up sporty teamwork clubs for the boys and generally clashing with his horrified comrades colleagues.
As the series has gone on, his character has been seen to lie to the woman that he was sleeping with about his marriage, pitch up at the headmistress’ house and threaten her with violence, practice nepotism with another woman he was sleeping with and generally behave in ways that, while unconnected with his abilities as a teacher would nonetheless get him in hot water in real life.
This deliberately furthers the agenda that wishy-washy lefty teachers are the be all and end all of teaching, despite the evidence to the contrary. There is also somethin more sinister going on. We are led to believe that teachers that believe in discipline and self-reliance (and this is the only such character in the programme) are somehow dangerous and dodgy.


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