I Love My Phone

Bored, and all my plans of staying indoors watching the Battlestar Galactica box-set I got for christmas ruined I’ve just done the new header for my blog, almost entirely on my phone.

The fractal was rendered on the desktop (fractal programs for WinMo being either slow, poor or expensive) a while ago, but I cropped, grey-ened, and rotated with the phone’s native picture editor before switching to Pocket Picture to resize, do the text and a little blurring around the edges. I won’t upload it to the header till 2010 although I’m posting it below in case my phone gets dropped down the toilet or something…

What I’m going to do for the rest of the day I’m not sure.


4 responses to “I Love My Phone

  1. The complete BSG?

    I wasn’t sure if I could face the reworking of my childhood Saturday afternoons but I’m hooked! A friend is dripfeeding them to us one case at a time .. .. .. need more … .. .. I’ve got the look of a sodding heroin addict when the next one arrives.

  2. it is excellent… i don’t really remember the originals much but i don’t really think that would matter. I started watching it on the tv but i missed two or three whole series in the middle, so it didn’t make much sense. i’m going to watch them all the way through when i get a couple of days free…

  3. whoops! actually i did spot that myself… i’ll change it before it goes up. maybe it should read “inconsistent spelling since 2009” heh. .

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