The C-Word

I’m not a swearblogger. I hardly ever swear on my blog, I have no problem at all with the likes of DK, Obo and Steve Shark swearing on their blogs, and in fact I find it very entertaining especially when it’s inventive. I do sometimes wonder though, how much they swear in real life?

I swear a lot in real life. I have a customer-facing job so I can’t swear in front of them, but in staff-only areas and outside of work I swear like a trooper. And yes, I quite often steal the more offensive, inventive and amusing offerings of those mentioned above, as well as others. I also find myself using the “C-Word” more and more often, and have started to wonder about this.

Years ago, I never used it. Then I started using it occasionally, and only when confronted by persons truly deserving of such an extreme and shocking (as it was then) profanity. Now? I use it all the time. I thought that perhaps it was a combination of the devaluation of the word’s shock value and a habit on my part. However, having recently given it some serious thought I’ve come to a shocking conclusion.

The world is full of cunts, and it’s getting worse.

I’m right, aren’t I? Just take a look around you. Nobody has any respect for anybody else anymore. When was the last time you held a door for somebody behind you? Did they look surprised? They do every time I do. I get the impression it doesn’t happen much anymore.

People push, and they shove, and they treat their fellow humans as objects to be moved out of the way rather than respected and respect to be offered back, in turn.

Ever watch Jeremy Kyle? These people aren’t freaks, this is par for the course. At least nowadays. This behaviour is normal.

And so, here I am using a word that at one time I thought too offensive. Yet, now it doesn’t seem offensive enough! As people get worse and worse, it just doesn’t seem strong enough to describe them and I am unaware of any more shocking and outrageous word to use. I’m in a fix and no mistake.

4 responses to “The C-Word

  1. I’ve thought about this, too.

    I rarely used to use the ‘C’ word because, a) I’m a middle-aged, middle-class woman and b) you have to have at least ONE really bad word for those people/things so horrendous as to render all other definitions inadequate. My next-door-neighbour, for instance.

    But you’re right. There are so many of the cunts around these days and it’s worrying. ‘When salt loses its flavour’, as Christ might have rhetorically asked, ‘What do you use then?’

    My guess would be the ‘N’ word.

  2. Hear, hear. I left a similar comment over at Counting Cats recently about Gordon Brown – if anything, ‘cunt’ is too weak a word.

    How about ‘cooze’? I’ve always absolutely hated that word, but even that seems appropriate when describing some people.

  3. I have to be careful as the wife reads my blog, and I’ll hear her tutting at me from behind her laptop screen. She says the swearing detracts from an otherwise well worded argument -which it can, but sometimes you just need to call a cunt a cunt.

    Re. Omnipresent fucktards – I dunno. I think a bit of confirmation bias sneaks into it a bit; i.e. the more cynical you get, you more you look for twattish behaviour, the more you find. People have surprised me of late. Overall though: the country has issues, and the attitude of the populace reflects this. So if we ever pull the cock out of Blighty, maybe we’ll all be a bit nicer.

    In the meantime, we do need some new invective. I’ve heard some honourable variations on a theme: Twunt, fuckoid etc. But we’re fighting against obsolescence here people, step it up.

  4. Not sure about the n-word, after all “it’s not because you’re black, it’s because you’re a cunt” wouldn’t really work any more, apart from anything else.

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