Shut Up Liam (Updated)

Our “Chief Medical Officer” is now advising us not to allow our children to drink at all under the age of 15, and only “once a week and under supervision” from 16 to 18. Oh, and we musn’t drink too much in front of them, either.
The BBC breakfast team arranged a typically lively debate, with a balanced panel including some frump from (fake?) charity DrinkAware and an A&E doctor.
Actually it was more balanced than usual, the A&E doctor didn’t agree at all, taking Bill Turnbull’s anecdotal point that when people get to university age the ones who had never touched a drop that went mental on booze. Susannah also pulled the frump up on her ridiculous analogy that you “wouldn.t put your children under a car to teach them about road safety, would you!!!”
“We’re not teaching children that getting run over is a pleasurable experience though, are we?”
Well done, another attempt to denormalise drink by the Righteous but this time even the shills at the BBC were not playing ball. I think this version of the game is up, although I’m sure we’ll have new balls in the new year.

Update: I knew it was too good to last, by the 8am headlines they were reading from autocue and showing a completely one-sided segment towing the government line. They didn’t show any parts of the interview although an edited version may have been shown after I left the house. Oh, and it’s Sian this morning, not Susannah.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve fallen through the tv screen in my sleep and woken up in The Running Man.


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