To The Googler…

…who arrived at my blog via the search term “why did Hitler start the Hitler youth?”

Simple. Regimes generally find that capturing the hearts and minds of the youth of a nation is not only easier to achieve than capturing the hearts and minds of the adult population, but also has huge benefits.

The children can be, among other things, induced to keep tabs on the adults (ever see the excellent movie Fatherland?). They will also be adults themselves soon enough, and having been indoctrinated in their youth will find it hard to break free of their indoctrination upon reaching adulthood, especiallly in an environment where other ways of thinking are suppressed. This helps to ensure the future of the regime. They can also be relied upon to be more fanatic in their following whilst children than their adult counterparts.

In regimes based upon a cult of personality like Hitler’s and Mao’s, the effect can be more pronounced (rather like youth being indoctrinated in sunday school) as they will more readily accept the Leader as a god, although by no means is this the only setting that indoctrination of the young can be found.

Under our current system in the west of Gramscian Marxism, we find that leftist views are indoctrinated on our young throughout their school years, perpetrated by teachers and lecturers who had their views formed by the same system. The system long ago became self-perpetuating although recent years have seen ever-closer state control of our education system accelerating the process. Not only are our children now indoctrinated into marxist thought (without reference to the name, natch) but they get used to being assessed, searched, drugged into submission (the “difficult” ones, ie the born leaders), appraised and shoved into boxes they will stay in for the rest of their lives.

So that’s why Hitler started the Hitler Youth. It’s just good sense.

Update: No sooner do I post this, but I catch up on my RSS and this prime example drops into my lap. Read it and weep.


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