Private Plod

The BBC were having an apoplexy about private security firms being hired to patrol the streets this morning, in their usual sedate manner. The establishment of course don’t like this, as once private citizens start taking matters into their own hands, they might start to wonder just what they pay the state for?

They’ve got nobody but themselves to blame, of course. Not only did they have their own paramilitary forces stop patrolling and keeping the streets safe, but they have in the last few years been doing much the same things themselves. Not only the PCSOs, who are essentially private security guards hired by the state, but “Railway Enforcement Officers” and the like, and the local council’s own “Community Safety Patrols.” Once the uniformed presence on the streets became devalued, who can blame the proles for wanting to hire some themselves? Who can blame the market for seeking to supply that demand?

This is a natural progression, and the state in seeking to fight it, is playing the part of King Canute.


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