The Calm Before The Storm

Well, I think we’re all set. Phone charged, spare phone charged, book packed, baccy, emergency baccy, rennies and nicotine gum in the hand luggage, DSes charged and packed, money, foreign money, passports… etc etc.

Now its just the two-and-a-half hour wait until our ride to the airport picks us up. I’ve already sunk most of a bottle of merlot, seeing as it wil be vinigar by the time we get back. Plus, I’m on me ‘oliday so it’s ok to have a snifter in the morning!

I’ve studiously avoided news this morning, so no acerbic comments from me today I’m afraid, unless I get bored at the airport.

The airport. That’s still to come… I hate them. There’s bugger all to do but look around shops (which I hate doing at the best of times) and once you’re in, that’s it. No cigarettes till Asia, hence the gum. If I’d thought about it, I would have got an electrofag like Leg-Iron, but by the time I’d decided it was a good idea it was too late for delivery, and all my money was in foregn currencies anyway.

Still, this time tomorrow I will be soaking up the sun and starting my first drink of the day, hopefully insulated from the cares of this rain-soaked, destitute island full of morons.



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