Nerdy Preparation…

…for my holiday which will take me out of the EUSSR for a week, and into a country that merely (desperately) wants to join, for no other apparent reason than the Germans don’t want them in, presumably following Groucho Marx’s maxim that he wouldn’t join any club that would have him as a member.

Following the difficult-to-follow and self-contradictory information on Vodafone’s website concerning data use charges and roaming charges, I’ve downloaded a little program that should stop my complicated phone from using data services without my knowledge (something I’m sure it does) and will restrict myself to contacting home via email at the hotel’s wi-fi hotspot.

I have also downloaded maps of the local area for NoniGPSPlot using NoniMapView, to avoid data-intensive Google Maps and will spend tonight and maybe tomorrow night looking for free translation software that doesn’t require internet access and a better email client than the phone’s native software (plaintext only, restricted to one attachment and you can’t place it (ie pictures) in the body of the text).

Since I will be doing little but lounging by the pool drinking bloody mary in the sun all week, I may well have some ideas for posts while I’m away, or equally likely I may not.

Or I might just post some holiday snaps.


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