Why Oh Why…

…can’t you buy decongestant without paracetamol in it?

I don’t have flu. I don’t have a headache or sore limbs. I’ve just got the common bloody cold and I want to take something to stop my nose from running long enough to get a day’s work done (and possibly a decent night’s sleep) without resorting to sticking a bottle of the stuff up my nose every ten minutes. But instead I have to stop after four doses because of the paracetamol inside.

I can understand the thinking behind (although I don’t agree) always mixing paracetamol with codeine except on prescription, because you can get high on codeine (and very nice it is too) and they’d rather kill you than let you get high, but it’s just decongestant for god’s sake. What’s the problem?


5 responses to “Why Oh Why…

  1. The thing about paracetamol is that it reduces your temperature thus reducing your body’s natural process for defeating the infection. You’d think that these ‘remedies’ would help not hinder?

  2. You can!

    As far as I know you can still buy Sudafed tablets without paracetamol or any analgesic in.

  3. Fantastic! Mr. Shark, you are a gentleman and a scholar. G Is there a non-non-drowsy (ie not laden with caffeine) version I wonder…

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