Propaganda Machine In Attack On Family Life

Early morning propaganda disseminators BBC Breakfast were reporting this morning that yet another thing gives you cancer. The latest culprit is -wait for it- sleeping in bed with your partner.

It wasn’t just cancer: other possible side effects include diabetes, divorce (!) and mental illness. The reasoning given for this is that sleeping in the same bed disturbs one’s sleep and that poor or lack of sleep can cause these (there were more but I can’t remember them all) effects.

To be fair, they did have one guest trying to put across the obvious benefits of sleeping together but she was playing the part of ‘crank’ -even going so far as to suggest bringing “all your pets” to bed with you too-and the male guest (is it me, or do they always seem to have gender-balanced guests, regardless of the ‘story’?) was playing the role of ‘scientist.’

Is there anything that the BBC will not attack? Of all the things that they have covered recently this seems to be one of the most sinister, attempting to sow the seeds of discord into the very bedrock of family life. They even went so far as to suggest that sleeping in the same bed is a British thing, and not so common in ‘other countries’ (getting the ‘little england’ meme in as well).

I’d like to think that nobody will take this seriously but… Well.


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