Dedicated Public Servants

A friend of mine lives a few doors down from a bail hostel, and last week the police wanted to raid it. They spent hours setting it up, riot squad sitting in an unmarked van out front, bobbies hiding in the neighbour’s gardens (where they chatted to my friend), the whole works.

“There’s no point,” remarked my friend, “they’re out shopping, you’ll have to wait an hour and they’ll be back.” They didn’t. As soon as it was set up they busted in, went all through the house and found it empty.
“I told you: they’re out shopping, wait half an hour and they’ll be back” said my friend.
“Oh no, no. We haven’t got time for that” Mr. Plod told him, and off they all went.

Sure enough half an hour later up pitched the suspects replete with shopping bags.

Three days later and the police still haven’t returned.


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