Quote Of The Week

I know it’s only wednesday, but I think it’s safe to say nothing is going to beat this, from Dick P:

I’ve never been to Oxford, but I’d be willing to bet a pretty penny that they have, in the past year, installed pillows, platforms, humps, bumps, lumps, chicanes, throttlers, bottlers, red tarmac, yellow tarmac, green tarmac, purple people-eating tarmac, skid risk signs, flashing signs, ‘your speed is’ signs, 20mph zone signs, go as fast as you like signs, surface dressing, bus stop dressing, french dressing, controlled zones, no car zones, low emission zones, no-alcohol zones, no fly zones, yellow lines, red lines, white lines (don’t don’t do it), posts, rumble strips, parking restrictions, width restrictions, traffic wardens, dog wardens and litter wardens** … but they can’t find the cash to fix a fucking pothole.

Amen, brother. It’s endemic.


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