Anyone For A Pint?

I don’t really want to get into the whole Brewdog debate, as I’m pretty sure anyone that reads me will know what my opinion is.

I did notice references to drinking “proper” beer on Steve Shark and (several times recently) on Man Widdecombe. Drinking “proper” beer goes, perhaps, with the enquiring and open mind of the blogger (although I more often drink wine).

So what I am wondering is, will any other bloggers be attending the Great British Beer Festival at Earl’s Court next month?


3 responses to “Anyone For A Pint?

  1. I was supposed to be getting a pair of tickets for the ‘trade’ evening on Tuesday but so far they have failed to materialise .. .. .. it’s the only session that I can get to due to work commitments so if you do go, and your preference is for the straw coloured ales, then have a pint of Wye Valley Butty Bach for me? Or Itchen Valley Pure Gold, or Hopback Brewery Summer Lightning?


  2. I daresay my Dad will have a pint of Summer Lightening, it’s his favourite. I’ll keep an eye out for the other two… and let you know how they were! Although I generally prefer darker beers. I once referred to the lighter beers (and ciders) as “see-through-shit” several years ago and, in the way of families, haven’t been allowed to forget it since!

  3. If he likes Summer Lightning then the other two are a “shoe in” for him .. .. .. .. .. I highly recommend both of them!

    All of the Hop Back ales are good .. .. .. .. even the misunderstood Spring Zing

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