The Race Card

An interesting post at Standbyliberty regarding Obama’s wading in on the “race row” with that copper arresting the guy outside his own house, ostensibly because he was a black man. I don’t want to comment too much on that, because I wasn’t there and I don’t really know what transpired any more than anybody else. The interesting part is the use of the race card, both in this instance and in his election campaign, to shut down debate.

I’ve known several people who are “a bit racist”, and the reason they usually give is sometimes that minorities get “special treatment” and so on, but especially because “all they gotta do is say it’s because they’re black/pakistani/muslim/kosovan (delete as appropriate) and they’ll be in the right.” There is something to this, although not in very many cases in my experience. But the perception is there. It’s also true, that is all they have to say, the reason why it doesn’t happen all the time is that most people (of whatever hue) wouldn’t debase themselves to actually say it, unless they believed it to be true. It’s cheating. If anyone does, The Righteous and their masters are all over it like flies round shit and somebody is tarnished for life. The only thing worse for your life chances than being called a nonce is being called a racist, it’s the kind of mud that sticks, whether its true or not.

In my opinion, this is merely that age-old trick of divide and rule. Encouraging the various ethnicities on these islands to be at each other’s throats keeps us busy, and more importantly, it keeps us from finding common ground and affecting change in the way we are governed on issues that affect us all. There are plenty of pakistani smokers, plenty of fat people of every colour, plenty of indians that like a drink (I’ve known personally all these combinations, and more). But divided and distracted as we are the majority are picking the wrong enemies, while the forces of the state carry on regardless. It’s going to get worse too, as the recession deepens and work becomes harder and harder to find. The diversity agenda over the past couple of decades has ensured that many a white person losing out to a black person in an interview is going to believe that its “to fill some quota” regardless of whether they were right for the job or not. Everyone likes to have somebody else to blame.

I have covered before my reasoning that the rise of the BNP from a fringe group into somewhat of a mainstream party is far from coincidental. As the sorts of thinking outlined above spread and become more acceptable more and more disaffected people will be sent into their arms, only to find the same snakes in different suits. And the further their success, the more threatened minorities will feel. And so the whole thing goes on, feeding itself.

We are all being played for fools, black, white, brown and blue.


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