Blogroll Fever

Oh-kayyy, I’ve finally sorted out my RSS problems (hopefully) by the method of a complete hard-reset on my phone, and have added a few blogs that I’ve been wanting to for a while. Al Jahom, Boatang and Demetriou, and, as I’ve seen him recommeded twice today Steve Shark. I can blogroll them now, in keeping with my policy of not having any links down there that I don’t actually read, and I’ve removed State Ethics for the same reason.
For some reason, A Commonplace Book never made it to the blogroll from the RSS reader so that’s been rectified as well.
All is well.

Update: Mummylonglegs! (Thanks to DK for reminding me) and (finally) Counting Cats In Zanzibar, for good measure.


2 responses to “Blogroll Fever

  1. Cheers buddy,

    I’ll get our technical director Mr B. to add yours to ours, in the next few days (I’m having issues with the engine room of B&D of late)

    Good luck to you, Sir.



  2. Many thanks.
    I’ll reciprocate tomorrow when I’m on the desktop.
    Well, not on it – more at it…
    Pip pip!

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