Jumped Up Little

The BBC were reporting this morning that parking attendants are complaining that they get a raw deal and people don’t realise how hard they have it.

I can sympathise a little. A car park near my work has just changed hands from one company to another. It ‘s a carpark on a business estate and the landlord contracts out the car park to a third party contractor. The previous company were quite good, they issued warnings rather than tickets and had a lovely girl who would prefer to give people a stern ticking-off and explain why they shouldn’t park there.

After the changeover she lasted two weeks. The new company doesn’t charge the landlord a fee, they support themselves entirely from the tickets they issue, and they employ three staff rather than one. This means they have a ticket-first-ask-questions-later policy, including tickets for not parking straight and for being seen leaving the car park, even if you plan to do some shopping at the site later. The average turnover of staff, apart from one fellow who was made for the job, is one a week.

Naturally, this is bad for business. There is a market quite near the site and people parking there for the market generally have a look around the shops while they are there, and vice versa. People also generally think that the shops are in charge of the carpark and so venture into the shops to complain, and leave swearing never to return. Most of the newbies that venture into the job must get an earful often as well, especially as they have targets to meet and need to issue tickets for even minor infractions. No wonder they all leave, even in the middle of a recession it’s got to be an awful job.

Unless you’re a jumped-up little shit, that is.


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