Moon River

My hits have taken a leap in the last week or so, and it all seems to be down to one factor: the 40th aniversary of Apollo 11. Just take a look at these search terms:


fake moon landing
hitler’s propaganda
funny stuff
quote briar patch please brer rabbit
british drinking culture
faked moon landing

fake moon landing
fake moon landing pictures
fake moon pictures
moon landing is a fake
moon landing footprint

It’s the same story whichever day you look at, for the past month or so, albeit with a spike in the past week. To my recollection, I’ve only mentioned the moon conspiracy theory once, in my diatribe against David Aaronovich’s book. I know there are far more in-depth sites out there so why they are ending up here I do not know. I’m not even sure if it was faked, for heaven’s sake! As I said before, I can see why they would, but pulling such a massive hoax involving so many people would surely be almost as difficult as doing it for real?

Incidentally, I just waded through google looking for a nice picture to put at the top, using “fake moon landing pictures” as search terms, and didn’t come across my blog once. Odd, huh.


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