Just a few things…

Well, here I am. Finally got the house to myself and time to devote to my blog. Hopefully I will be able to knock a few out tonight. And write on my blog! Fnarr fnarr etc…

I have a bottle of Merlot (don’t tell the wine police, I’m sure that exceeds my recommended units for the week), the new Cat Stevens Very Best Of record that they’ve been advertising and no distractions. Not until Dexter comes on, anyway. Incidentally, for anyone who, like me, kind of missed Cat Stevens, except for Wild World and the things other people have covered, I’d seriously recommend this CD. Melody at its best, I can’t believe I never heard Lady D’Arbanville until this week. Sheer brilliance.

The nights are drawing in, so hopefully, apart from the usual pagan festivities through the autumn/winter (I take a different view from the LA on this one, I take pre-christian barbarism, to an extent, to be the natural culture of these islands, and view the christian aspect as something that was imposed on us from Rome. Of course, people are entitled to believe what they want! And I prefer the older festivals) I will be able to post more often now. I have taken on board most of the posts and comments regarding the whole ‘not much blogging about lately’ meme, to whit, I intend to post (fairly) regularly, and may well focus on more local issues, with the intent of raising my blog’s profile locally in order to disseminate libertarian views before the next GE. Or not, depends on what bites my inspiration toe, but I have at least one subject in mind, which I intend to make a start on tonight. The LPUK have a battle on their hands here, as the population of these Medway Towns are mostly either Eastern European immigrants or members of the disaffected former working class, and clients of The State. If we can only show them that they would be better off (with working man’s pride as well as cash) under a libertarian government they may not be so scared of losing their benefits. And perhaps, I could get a job in one of our newly revitalised industries instead of working in a shop, which drives me beserk.

Another month has gone, and another payday. I’ve been fully intending to join the LPUK for at least three months now, but, wishing as I do to donate more than the membership fee I always leave it too late and the money is already spent. I will do though, next month, for sure. When I don’t have a huge gas bill to pay. And come a by-election in the south east, if they need feet on the ground, I have a day off each week that I would be willing to spend leaflet-dropping or canvassing. I have more time than money, and his battle needs to be fought, and it needs to be fought now. This may be our last chance.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to register my ABSOLUTE DISGUST for the way this country, in particular its immigration services have treated the very dear blogger and teacher Bella Gerens. A (presumably) attractive, talented and (definitely) intelligent young lady, who would be a credit to this nation, and (flying in the face of all common sense) she actually wants to live and work here. Hell, given the opportunity I’d be off in a jiffy! If there were any further proof needed that the country has completely gone to Hades, this is it. Good luck Bella, this country will be much the worse for losing you. If I wasn’t already married I would have married you to keep you here in a heartbeat. When I think of all the useless wasters (native and otherwise) this country coddles, and then think of decent, talented individuals like yourself being made to leave, it makes me want to go postal somewhere. Utter, utter bastards.


I’m very VERY angry about this, can you tell?


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