Waiting for the curry.

I like getting curry. The best bit is there is quite a nice pub opposite in which I can have a quick pint while I’m waiting. Anyway, behind the bar there is a poster from the Daily Star with the motto “British jobs for british workers.” Working class pub, makes sense. Gordo’s meme gets everywhere. Of course, it’s not so simple as it makes it sound. There are plenty of british unemployed, and plenty of migrant workers. So far so good. I only ask, were those unemployed to have taken the jobs the migrants are doing, would this country be so attractive to migrants? Possibly not, if there were not so many jobs available.

It’s not entirely their fault, of course. We have a system deliberately set up to make people worse off if they work (I say deliberately because I do not believe anybody stupid enough to believe what the government says would have the nouse to rise to the top in a political party) and in any case, by now it’s become a generational thing. My grandad (or great grandad) worked at the dockyard, but they closed the dockyard and my dad never worked so why should I? You know the sort of thing. The migrants are also doing the jobs that people don’t want, the menial, labour jobs. The man in the pub who has never worked thinks he’s better than that.

He’s not, of course. Those jobs still need to be done, the picking, the packing, the machine-operating. Progress doesn’t eliminate those jobs, it just means when you get home you’ve got a HD television to watch instead of crowding around the wireless. I’ve done those jobs, and I was proud to do them, and earn my own bread. In fact, when I was machine-operating I earned more money than I do now in my supposedly middle-class job. But hey-ho , this is permanent and that was semi-permanent so it’s worth the pay cut.

This only counts for the legal migrants, and doesn’t even get into the attraction of illegal non-minimum-wage workers working in jobs that wouldn’t pay minimum wage, like cockle picking. Of course these businesses employ illegals, they would go bust in very short order if they had to pay minimum wage.

But anyway, the best thing about this pub with its “British jobs for British workers” poster? The barman is… Australian!

Good luck to ‘im.


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