Hanging around the School Gate, Pushing Memes…

Dick Puddlecote thinks he’s got a meme going, so I’m doing my bit to spread it. MSMN were running one of those ‘where were you when…‘ articles, so here goes:

OJ, June 17th, 1994

MSN: As such, the chase became a textbook ‘where-were-you?’ moment.

Wh00ps: I vaguely remember seeing the chase on the news, although the footage has been trotted out so many times since I may be mis-remembering. I do remember being on holiday in France as a boy and watching the trial on television, as the only English-Language channel was CNN.

Death of Diana, August 31st, 1997

MSN: It being a Sunday, virtually the entire nation was having a lie-in.

Wh00ps: Yep, me too. I was still living at home at the time. My mother (on her way to church) burst in and yelled “Princess Diana’s been killed!!” I lifted my head, remarked “oh, has she?” and went back to sleep.

Challenger disaster, January 28th, 1986

MSN: It being a Tuesday, this meant that the first report of it on British television occurred at 5pm in an edition of the BBC weekday children’s programme Newsround.

Wh00ps: Being newsround-aged I suppose that’s where I first saw it, although I don’t really remember. The best thing was, 5 years later at grammar school, the house I was put in was ‘Challenger House’ and STILL had the shuttle as the house logo. We never won sports day.

Resignation of Thatcher, November 22nd, 1990

MSN: Even so, for those at work or school during the day, word of mouth had to make do until a television set could be found.

Wh00ps: My primary school headmaster went bursting into every classroom shouting “she’s gone!” I didn’t really understand the ramifications at the time.

England v West Germany, July 4th, 1990

MSN: It was said even Princess Diana, attending a social function in London, was being kept in touch of the score by telephone.

Wh00ps: I don’t watch football. Didn’t then, don’t now. I did collect the Panini stickers though. Boys will be boys!

Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation, June 2nd, 1953

MSN: The coronation was the first event in British history to be seen by a mass audience on the small screen.

Wh00ps: Wasn’t born yet, although apparently Mother Wh00ps was taken to see it on the better-off-neighbour’s television. She was less than a year old at the time.

Iranian Embassy siege, May 5th, 1980

MSN: Their dramatic rescue attempt took place in full view of the ITN cameras. Footage, however, was not broadcast live.

Wh00ps: Was just a lickle bay-bee…

September 11th, 2001

MSN: It was a weekday afternoon, so most people didn’t see pictures of the attacks until they got home from school or work.

Wh00ps: I was at work, but at the time I was a plumber’s mate and so saw most of the footage on the client’s television, including the collapses of both of the Twin Towers out of the corner of my eye, whilst putting up architraves on a bathroom door (the show must go on!). I continued watching when I got home, and saw the BBC report that WTC7 had collapsed, although it wasn’t mentioned again for years after that…

Assassination of JFK, November 22nd, 1963

MSN: It wasn’t until 11pm that the BBC was sufficiently organised to broadcast a proper tribute programme.

Wh00ps: Wasn’t born, and has no parental anecdote to offer…

Update: here.


3 responses to “Hanging around the School Gate, Pushing Memes…

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  2. the house I was put in was ‘Challenger House’ and STILL had the shuttle as the house logo. We never won sports day.

    Crashed and burned, did you?

    OK, ok, I’m leaving, already. 😉

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