One Thing I Didn’t Miss

Was this, the first no-jury trial to be held in England and Wales. I took the picture in the kebab shop (again) intending to contrast it with the front page (it was Jordan) but I got my food before I got the chance.

I’m sure when this was first mooted the excuse was something about high-brow white collar financial crimes, with juries not being able to be trusted to understand the concepts involved, or something. Juries being “leant on” is surely something that could be solved with increased security for the jurors, rather than by doing away with jury trials altogether? It can only be an excuse.

Jury trials are one of the cornerstones of a free society, ensuring that prosecutors must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to other citizens and not just a paid official of the state.

To allow this grave reduction of our hard-won liberties on such spurious grounds only infuriates me slightly more than the complete lack of fuss it has caused.



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