My Political Compass

At Craig Murray’s suggestion, I did another one of those political compass things. Although it seems fairly accurate, I did have a few problems with some of the questions.

For example:”It’s a sad reflection on our society that something as basic as drinking water is now a bottled, branded consumer product.”
It is a sad reflection on society, but I see it as such because I think it’s sad that our society would prefer to buy extra water than insist the water coming from our taps is fluoride-, pharmaceutical- and hormone-free. Somehow I think the writers of the survey meant something else, to do with consumer decadence when people in the world are thirsty, or something like that. I’ve no problem with bottled water manufacturers (bottlers?) seeing a gap in the market for poison-free water and making money, none at all.

And this: “Controlling inflation is more important than controlling unemployment.” It’s not an either/or. Proper money would lead to less inflation, attempts to control inflation (by deciding how much funny money to print) are unneccesary and doomed to failure. These things are related to each other, and don’t need controlling. Unemployment wouldn’t be such a problem if people weren’t rewarded for not seeking work, and itself is not a bad thing, as unemployed people should naturally be redistributing their labour to other areas of the economy either from an industry in decline to an industry in ascent, or from an area made more efficient to one that is more labour intensive. Under “normal rules” the world is full of people that want to work in order to buy stuff, and tinkering with the mechanism of exchange brings only heartache in the long term. There wasn’t a box to tick that said that though.

Still, rant over (I could go on), here’s my results:

Your political compass
Economic Left/Right: 1.88
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.56


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