Tragedy Into Opportunity

The news that Olivia Crowther travelled to San Francisco to commit suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge is tragic, there is no doubt about that (although from the Mail’s story there seem to be doubts that it was, in fact, a suicide), but rather predictably it has led to more calls for internet regulation (censorship) as she had been looking at suicide websites before she left. While I cannot understand people frequenting these sorts of websites (I’ve just had a look at a couple, like this and I really hope this one is a piss-take, if not they are some very scary people) I absolutely believe in their right to do so. Those websites I just linked to popped up while I was searching for the news story in the first place, and I also discovered that the Golden Gate Bridge is the world’s ‘suicide capital’ with over 1300 deaths since it was built.
But I digress. A tragedy of this sort is easy fodder for those who wish to regulate and censor the internet. First they call for suicide sites to be banned or regulated or monitored, or whatever. Once that’s accomplished they will turn to something else. Maybe political sites. Maybe Infowars. Maybe the BNP. Maybe blogs like this one. Maybe blogs like YOUR one.
Just as they turn the spotlight from smokers to drinkers to fat people in the offline world. Incrementalism is the name of the game, and the game isn’t fair.


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