This Is Just Ridiculous

The BBC is reporting that up to 40% of people no longer believe advice about healthy food, because they “believe” that “the advice given by scientists keeps changing.” So they tell us it doesn’t.

Maybe, as they say, the advice of eating more veg and less cigarettes might have been the same for ten years, but there IS a constant drip-drip-drip of “eat this-don’t eat that-don’t even think about those-drink more water-drink less water-drink your own pee” coming out of these people who fuss about like a maiden aunt, so it’s no wonder people aren’t listening anymore.

And just telling us you haven’t done it isn’t going to wash, we’ve been lied to too much already. If you widened the terms of your survey you may well find that up to 40% of people don’t believe anything they are told by anyone in any official capacity whatsoever. You have only yourselves to blame.

Now leave us alone.


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