Leg-Iron has this to say on Old Holborn’s latest jaunt in London. I agree with everything he says, especially about the commenter.
The righteous don’t just use words to bamboozle and confuse though, there is sometimes (often?) another agenda behind it. The example he gives, ‘personnel’ becoming ‘human resources’ is not just to make them sound important and clever, although it does serve that purpose. Consider the difference. ‘Personnel’ comes from ‘persons.’ ‘Human Resources’… does not. We are no longer ‘persons,’ we are a resource. Like coal or iron ore. A commodity and to be treated as such. ‘Human Resources’ could equally be applied to harvested organs or candles made from our tallow. (To take it to the extreme!)

It’s a similar wordgame played with global warming. Once the sun got past the warming stage of its cycle and the world started cooling again, the work started on rebranding global warming as climate change. Once the sheep start noticing that winters are getting harder and summers less glorious, the righteous can start blaming that on human beings and our industies, and they still have an excuse to tax, surveil and regulate the fruits of our endeavours.

There is a huge resource of this sort of word-gamery at the sadly dormant (I think he’s writing a new book or something) Unspeak.


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