The Outer Party

There have been many posts recently referring to the MP’s expenses scandals referring to things that they do, that we, the proles could not do without sanction. While the facts of the matter are correct, I believe the Orwell reference is incorrect.

Under the system described in Nineteen Eighty-Four there are, as there are in most societies, three social classes.

Under the social engineering programme started long ago, and accelerated since 1997, the manufacturing base of the UK has been all but lost, and most working people are now in traditionally Middle Class occupations; shopkeepers, estate agents and other service industries. This class, which includes myself (and I suspect many of those who read the political blogs) is still the equivalent of  Orwell’s Outer Party. The Big Brother Securi-State is designed for us, as this class contains the politically active and the p0litically aware. As well as those who know what is going on and can see where it is headed, there are the vast majority who are effectively neutralised by the consensus paradigm proffered by the broadsheet press and the television news and are caught up in the choice between ‘Left’ and ‘Right,’ and those who are “so blind they will not see.” We are the ones paying huge percentages of our earnings in tax, fleeced by speed cameras, having our emails read and so on. We are punished for putting out our cigarettes because they know we will pay the fines, the crimes we commit are political or minor crimes and the police follow them up. We are not free.

Those that did not survive the transition became what is now known as The Underclass, a client class of the state. These people are, by and large politically inactive, read the tabloid diet of tits, football and Goldstein, and simply do not care about politics, and it is this class that can properly be regarded as the Proles of Orwell’s book. If they watch the news at all,  it is likely to be Entertainment News or the Quasi-Entertainment News proffered by ITN. As Wikipedia puts it:

The Party’s slogan in regard to proles is “Proles and animals are free.” This is a sharp contrast to the control of the members of Inner and Outer Parties. The Party members are constantly monitored by telescreens in both private and public places. However, prole quarters are more or less free of telescreens. Mostly because proles are not expected to understand that they are exploited by the Party (as a source of cheap labour) and are unable and/or unwilling to organize resistance. Their functions are simple: work and breed. They care little about anything but home and family, neighbour quarrels, films and football, beer and lottery tickets. They are not required to express support for the Party. The Party creates meaningless songs, novels, even pornography for the proles (all written by machines, except pornography, which is compiled by members of the Outer Party and accessible only to party members working in Pornosec).

Sound familiar? Of course, at the moment by and large this class is either out of work or working on short-term agency day labour (although being pushed out by eastern-european migrants who work harder and do not have a culture of entitlement) but this may well change, as plans to make them work to gain their benefits (whichever of the two parties forms the next government) will effectively complete the transition from Working Class to Slave Class, neatly bypassing the NMW which has done nothing but further accelerate the programme. These are the people whose “feral” children roam the streets without sanction, who avoid traffic cameras by either not driving, or driving unregistered, uninsured (and untaxed) cars. The crimes they commit (burglaries, assaults and muggings) are the crimes not investigated by the police as they are discriminated against by the target culture. They are The Proles, and they are freer than us.


4 responses to “The Outer Party

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  3. Would add at least one other group to this analysis: the people who used to belong to the old or newer middle classes, and who have decided to either ‘drop out’, or take up political arms by way of environmental and other forms of activism. They are the ‘domestic extremists’ mentioned by Monbiot’s most recent blog–not extremists at all, but regarded as such by the police.

  4. I did actually wonder how to fit them in… I’m not sure they would count as The Brotherhood. Of course, we are not “there” yet, if the system gets fully in place as it were, presumably activists of that sort would not exist, or at least not so openly. For the time being, they serve as a distraction and as a magnet to attract people into cul-de-sacs of protest and divert protest from the government.

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