Smoking Research Centres and the Nazi State

The news that Kerry Fenton, a pub landlady in Barnsley has opened a designated smoking reseach centre in the second room of her pub, neatly circumventing the draconian control-oriented ban has been greeted with well-deserved praise and admiration. This is the sort of British Pluck that has been sadly lacking in recent years, and has come from just the sort of adversity that begets such things. In a more perfect world (in a completely perfect world, there would be no such ban in the first place) this would spark a huge number of copycats across the country, swamping local councils beyond their ability to cope with prosecutions and eventually leading to the repeal, or simple dis-enforcement of said law.

nazi_anti-smoking-campaignIt speaks volumes that while both the Home Office and the DoH are, in their confusion referring enquiries to each other Barnsley Council is raring to go, ready to collect their 30 pieces of silver, and destroy this young lady’s livelihood. This is, after all, the way a police state operates. The Big Hitlers don’t concern themselves with such things (and it is worth remembering that in this, as in so many cases the Biggest Hitlers reside not in Westminster but in Brussels), they simply issue edicts and the Little Hitlers carry them out. There have always been and always will be people of this sort in societies, they become park wardens, traffic wardens, air-raid wardens etc. etc., but in the totalitarian society they are in the ascendant, and it is in examples like this that we truly see where we are.


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