Conspiracy Theory

I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, I think they’re all made up by a bunch of old men in a smoky room somewhere.

Yesterday morning on the BBC, Interchangable Brunette-Woman and her co-host Insipid Boringman were interviewing the author of a new book, Voodoo History (that wonderful and balanced columnist David Aaronovich) which aims to debunk the most popular conspiracy theories, and ‘give the man in the pub the ammunition he needs to argue back,’ or words to that effect.

conspiracy10The words ‘Conspiracy Theory’ or ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ are definitely loaded ones, especially to those programmed by the MSM to hear “madman alert, stop listening now” and carry on believing the news they hear from ‘approved’ sources and ignoring anything else.

I am not so closed minded. The main example Aaronovich was debunking on television ths morning was the old ‘Fake Moon Landing’ chestnut, which I am officially ambivalent about. I can see why the US Government would wish to fake it, caught on the hop by Sputnik and Gagarin despite working under a much more efficient system (watching a few documentaries on the Soviet secret military programmes, especially one about the Ekranoplan, has convinced me that Centralism is the least best road to success) and desperate to keep Kennedy’s pledge to land a man on the moon by the end of the 60’s it is all to easy to imagine a scenario where NASA would be tempted to fake it. Whether they did or not, I can’t say. I’ve looked at all the pictures and read all (well, maybe not all) the websites, and have held both opinions at different times. It’s a conspiracy theory sure, and maybe one of the most outlandish ones, but that doesn’t neccesarily mean that it didn’t happen.

There are some conspiracy theories that did happen though.

The attack on the USS Liberty, for example, was widely derided as a conspiracy theory and yet has now been widely accepted as fact. Israeli planes did attack the ship, the survivors were forbidden to talk about it, and the MSM completely omitted any reports on the incident. Consider also MK ULTRA (which I touched on in a previous post) and COINTELPRO, both regarded as conspiracy theories and both later turned out to be the truth. There is the much-maligned (and conspiracy-theorist labelled) Alex Jones. He has been pushing a conspiracy theory on his radio show since the Bilderberg Conference (itself a conspiracy theory that turned out to be true) in 2007 that there was going to be an engineered global financial collapse. I wonder whatever happened to that theory?

There are of course, plenty of conspiracy theories that turn out to be false. For instance, the Princess Diana theories, not conclusively proved false, but pretty much so. It just doesn’t make sense, really. The Crown got what it wanted with the divorce, there was no reason to kill the woman, and the circumstances would have been far-fetched even in a Frederick Forsythe novel. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is another one, still pushed by the likes of Hamas (believed by many to be a proxy of the Mossad, a theory I give some credence to as it has the ring of truth about it) pretty much proved to be a forgery although to be fair, the Israeli establishment seem to follow it regardless.

Then there are the theories that are still unproved one way or another, the most prominent of course being 9/11. While I’m not completely convinced I do sway onto the side of the Truth Movement. The official story has as many, if not more holes than the various conspiracy theories and there was definitely something very dodgy about what happened that day, particularly (and this is what made me sway the way I did) the whole Building Seven thing, not least its complete collapse into it’s own footprint despite only minor damage, but especially the BBC reporting it’s collapse before the event, a ‘mistake’ they still hve not properly explained. Whether it was a planned false-flag event, a let-it-happen-on-purpose or exactly as the US Government said it was, there is no doubt that the moves towards totalitarianism in the governments of The West have been accelerated in its name. Even those who “don’t believe in conspiracy theories” would have to admit that it was a very convienient event for very many governments around the world.

So what are we to believe? In the age of the internet, finding out for ourselves has become simultaneously easier and harder than ever before. Googling “conspiracy theory,” or any of the examples I have listed is likely to bring up this post, or any number of similar blog posts covering the same subjects, but very few (if any) of these people know the actual truth of the matter. We are better informed than we have been in the past, when we merely had the television and the papers to inform us, but there is so much mis- and dis-information out there that is is almost impossible to find our way to ‘the truth,’ even if it were to exist.

All we can do is keep our minds open. I do not dismiss anything out of hand, but I don’t believe anything I’m told without thinking about it and researching it myself either.


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