Atlas Shrugged Update

The reason I haven’t blogged much this week, apart from family sickness (asthma, not piggywig flu, which appears to have disappeared from the MSM) is that I have been spending most of my free time (not that I’ve had a lot) continuing to plough through Atlas Shrugged.
I’ve reached chapter 8, and some of the characters that had previously not pissed me off -such as Hank Rearden- are now starting to piss me off as well. He says, “But we are so strong, we can easily carry them along with us.”

Sorry, but I passed that stage a long time ago.
Why the fuck should we?!?

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Update: Further to that, imagine my dismay, nay, disgust, when I heard this news:

Mr Burnham, an Everton fan, is pressing for several measures to redistribute the wealth of the richest league in the world to its lower reaches. He wants the league’s £1 billion revenue from television and sponsorship rights to be shared out more evenly among its 20 clubs. He also wants smaller squads and compulsory quotas of English players in team line-ups.

Christ. It’s all coming true…


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