Get Your Tin Foil Hat Ready

Mind control (and tinfoil hats) have traditionally been the preserve of some of the wackier elements of society. Disregarding the very real (and non-mechanical) experiments of the MK Ultra (or Monarch) program in the US (and probably elsewhere too), the thought of ‘Them’ posessing machines that can read our minds has been scoffed at by those of a more rational bent. This trend now seems set to change though as just these sort of machines are now entering the realms of reality.

Although the recent reports of the MRI-based mind-reading machine paint a scary enough picture, this is by no means the infancy of this sort of technology as mind-machine links have already found their way into toys (to be released this autumn) and, more worryingly an interface for Twitter that can post a message by reading your mind..

Nobody posted the other day detailing the possible benefits of this technology and while such a scenario could hold the keys to the emancipation of mankind from the tyranny of ourselves and tyrants, I cannot see this future happening. What I can see is the eventual (and as Nobody says, with the speed of technology these days being as fast as it is, ‘eventual’ may not be as far away as it sounds) integration of this technology with the CCTV ‘securi(police?)-state’ apparatus.

The people in charge have already more than demonstrated that they are willing to use new technology to keep tabs on us. Witness the huge increase in CCTV and traffic cameras, number-plate recognition cameras and the use of cellphones as tracking devices. Can there be any doubt in our minds that they will not begin installing mind-reading devices as soon as they are accurate, small and cheap enough to be deployed? And will the wearing of tin-foil hats stop being an expression of scorn, and become de rigeur headwear, to beat the mind-reader as hoodies beat the CCTV?


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