Swine Fever

No, not the troughing disease currently affecting those poor folks at Westminster, this is what my very-unscientific survey of people waiting in the queue in front of me at my local Co-op were calling the latest pandemic scare. They were all very worried.

“All those people have died.”
“Oh I know.”
“Its in Canada too now you know!”
“I heard it’s in Scotland!!”
“etc etc.”

Nobody appears to have died from it outside Mexico yet, though. Why, we can only guess, although it may have something to do with the poverty in Mexico compared to other places that the virus has spread to, which generally is tied to worse health outcomes. The MSM hasn’t mentioned this, which is usually a good indicator of what’s going on and the outbreak has certainly put to bed all those scandalous stories of MPs expenses and heavy-handed authoritarianism.

I hope I’m right, but, as always, we shall just have to wait and see.


    Al Jazeera are reporting on their news channel (this link will only work until they update and I can’t figure out how to save it) that the number of deaths confirmed by the WHO is only 7, although both their website and the BBC are reporting “152” probable deaths at the top of the page, and hiding the “20 confirmed” figure near the bottom.

Update 2: Al Jazeera have stopped reporting the ‘7’ figure, although they did have a segment discussing whether the media’s hyped-up response to the crisis was justified. Conspiracy theories are starting to circulate, although perhaps not without good reason. (Also this and this.)

    Update 3: The day is nearly gone, and the news channels are still hyping the Piggy Flu. There do not appear to have been any developments though, still nobody dead outside of Mexico. The BBC were showing someone quarantined inside his house talking to them on his mobile, but he didn’t seem too concerned. The only thing I seem to have missed is the Israeli Official calling for it to be named ‘Mexican Flu’ to avoid offending those of an Abrahamic persuasion.

Update 4: I knew I didn’t imagine it. Last Night Al Jazeera were again reporting that only 7 deaths were actually confirmed as being caused by Swine Flu, and I have caught up with today’s RSS to see that Aangirfan has spotted this as well. I know they are in an emergency in Mexico but surely two days later they could have confirmed a few more of those hundred or so dead actually had the disease everybody is worried about? Clearly if they haven’t died of Swine Flu then they have died of something else… mini-update: further to that, this.


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