Wh00ps Hates Politics.

Wh00ps is, at this moment, watching the harrowing Surviving Disaster: Chernobyl. The film covers the decisions made throughout the early stages of that disaster, and these decisions condemned thousands of people to a horrible death. By and large, these decisions are based on playing politics and living in the map, not the territory. Whenever some subordinate chimes in with something real, like the fact that the inner core of the reactor is completely exposed and radioactive material is flooding into the atmosphere, cognitive dissonance cuts in and perfectly rational people suddenly become robots that cannot conceive of anything beyond procedure, beyond the algorithm.

“It’s reading 3.6, comrade.
“Well, 3.6 is well within the limits.”
“Yes, comrade, but the scale only goes up to 3.6… it’s… off the scale.”
“But it could be 3.6″
“Yes, but…”
“I’ve already told comrade Whatsisname that it’s 3.6. He’s told Moscow that it’s 3.6, so it is 3.6″

Wh00ps believes that this sort of woolly thinking is the logical outcome of living a life entirely regulated, and this very real and permanant example of the follies of this sort of thinking should serve as a memorial to humanity, a reminder that we should resist all attempts to centralise everything.


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