so far so good..?

More video has emerged from the G20 protests, just as sickening as the first. more will probably come gradually to our attentionover the next couple of weeks or so. The one thing that strikes me though is that so far no reports have come out ap being arrested for actually TAKING pictures of those officers. Whether this is because they have been arrested under terror laws and have been disappeared or whether it is because nobody was arrested I do not know. It certainly seems strange that even though the law conveniently came into effect just before the protests we haven’t heard of it being used at such an opportune time.


2 responses to “so far so good..?

  1. It gets better. The police have been asking for members of the public to come forward with film or photos that might ‘help them with their enquiries’.

    As if! Better to send it anonymously to the press. Turn up at a police station with photos of policemen re-enacting the Rodney King episode and you might not be leaving in a hurry.

    They really don’t get it, do they?

  2. Well, if you’re stupid enough to fall for that one you deserve all you get, in my opinion.

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