Violent Computer Games

I have, I suppose, been playing violent computer games all my life. On my first computer, a C64, my favourite games were Operation Wolf and The Last Ninja. I had the pulled Thrill Kill on the PS1 for heaven’s sake, and in the meantime I’ve played through Tenchu, Tekken, all of the Resident Evil’s (except 3), Black and plenty of other titles.

So far, I have not murdered anybody.

I have not had the urge to murder anybody, except the usual treasonous subjects at the top of the Government (unfortunately no longer legal) and their cronies.
The MSM is usually all over the case of violence in video games, generally, I feel, looking for a scapegoat for society’s ills. It is evident that violence in movies and games are not to blame, in the same way that cannabis does not cause schizophrenia. There are susceptible individuals, and they will be affected by these influences as the general population will not be.
That is no reason to try and ban/censor anything.
After all, the drug of choice in our brave new world, Prozac, has been dogged with controversy since its release with suspicions of violent reactions, yet whenever someone on prozac commits a murder the MSM does not lead in with campaigns to ban it.

Anyway, I have recently completed Manhunt 2, and I am currently churning my way through Mad World, by way of an experiment, to see what, if any, effects it will have on me.

I’m guessing: not much.

update: an article on The Register t that touches on this:


2 responses to “Violent Computer Games

  1. A fellow Wii owner then?

    There’s an interesting post here on the subject of teen violence and violence in video games written from the perspective that violent games do not make a violent society. Although some of the data is old (the post has been there at least 2 years) it makes a fairly good read.

    I’m off to eat some mushrooms and jump on turtles .. .. .. .. ..

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