My Idiot Boss Update

My blogging has been light lately, I haven’t really had time, to be honest. The idiot boss seems safe at the moment it’s just a busy time of the year. I have a few things in the draft, but nothing finished yet. I have noticed that I’ve developed a tendancy to repost or just cover what is in the news, which has a place but isn’t what this blog was supposed to be about. More prolific bloggers like Obnoxio, Guido and DK et al do that much better, and I’m content to leave it to them.
Anyway, I digress. My idiot boss, ungrateful and unashamed seems to have been saved from the ire of his superiors, for now at least, so now he thinks he walks on water again. How quickly they forget! Still, this was the idea, I need him to sign me off for the management courses and stuff, and it was his idea I go for it so I should be still in the pipeline. If not, I have enough on him, not just incompetence but failure to follow procedure in health and safety etc. to drop him right in it.
Hopefully it won’t come to that, althougn I’d be doing the business a favour.


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