Bizzare Search Terms

It has happened. I haven’t done much on WordPress lately, so I was not expecting much this morning when I checked my stats. Imagine my surprise then, when I should find:

Search Engine Terms

These are terms people used to find your blog.
Search Views nigel grif 1 More stats
husband watching his wife getting fucked 1 More stats

What the fuck? While I hesitate to type into Google those search terms, in case Google’s latest camera cuckold car should turn up (It’s the logical outcome of Google’s attempt to get into (Boom boom!) every aspect of your life, I’m sure) I’m pretty sure I must come quite far down on the list. I hardly use the word “Fuck” – except in this post – and I can’t really remember using the words “Husband” or “Wife” either!
This is all highly bizarre…


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