No Smoking (Gun)

Today the Alex Jones Facebook group (yes, yes, I know…) sent me a link to the latest CFR document regarding global governance, which I eagerly downloaded, hoping to find some sort of “smoking gun.” I was very disappointed however, as the way it was billed (“CFR releases their plan for World Government!!!” or words to that effect) bore little or no relation to what was actually in the pdf.
While there was plenty in the document that i disagreed with, there was no “smoking gun,” I am ashamed to admit. There is plenty to do with updating and reimagining world bodies like the IMF and the UN, plenty to do with faux fears such as Islamism and Climate Change, in fact, plenty to chew on as a blogger, but no statements about setting up world totalitarian dictatorships or anything like that (although i suppose it could be said that they are hardly likely to put that in their latest press release).
It’s not really a press release, no conclusions are drawn it is more of an intention to do research (over five years) into closer global state cooperation -something which is currently in vogue due to the financial crisis- and something I would be against as greater state control, whether it is directed from London, Brussels or New York can only reduce efficiency and further stymie the industries we need to be productive in order to create wealth and raise living standards across the globe. Beyond this, most of the document is economic in nature, and I really don’t know enough about economics to judge what’s hot and what’s not in there.
It did, however, come from the CFR’s Website which has some ‘interesting stuff’ on it, so I may have a dig around and see what I can find.


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