El Gordo calls for New World Order (again)

Globalist puppet Gordon Brown has called once again for a New World Order, this time at Zanu Labour’s National Policy Forum.

Brown said the financial crisis was an international problem that required an international solution.

An international problem created by international bankers, for sure. I wonder what soloution he’s got in mind?

“I want us to do what was advocated by our country years ago,” Brown said. “To have global supervision of what is a shadow global system. I want there to be no hiding place for special investment vehicles, for hedge funds or tax havens.”

So basically, he is advocating the overturning national sovreignty worldwide. After all, how else could you get rid of tax havens? He was also in the Sunday Times today vowing to forge a “Global New Deal” and create a “Truly Global Society.”

“Some practices are indefensible and they have got to be cleaned up now,” he said. “It’s time to set new rules for the banks of all countries.”

Brown does not like independant nations. Let’s not forget the time he (personally) bankrupted Iceland (using, surprise surprise, Anti-Terrorism laws) in order to persuade them to join the European Union and it’s single currency and beaurocratic centralisation. Is that the sort of treatment to be meted out to nations that don’t tow the line? A warning perhaps. This isn’t the first time that a global monetary overseer has been mooted, and calls of this sort are bound to increase, using shills in the media as well as statesmen like our own dear old Gordo. As an experiment, just type in “calls for new world order” into google, you will see what I mean.

Global Solutions to Global Problems. An even bigger State to tell you what to do (all for your own good of course).


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